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Approaching regional charging.

Laying the foundation for regional EV charging adds momentum to consumers and businesses who are more likely to adopt EVs. With EV charging at major attractions, workplaces and residential complexes, we ensure that electrification is a prominent part of our community

Because AEP Ohio is the local energy company, we understood the critical role we held in the success of the program. We'll use this experience and lessons learned as we expand technologies to other areas of the state.

Raja Sundararajan, AEP Ohio President and Chief Operating Officer
Public Utility Engagement

Quadrupling EV Charging Infrastructure

AEP Ohio has partnered with Smart Columbus since the initiative’s inception, creating a $9.5 million EV charging incentive program that helped to spur the installation of EV chargers throughout the region. In total, AEP Ohio is pursuing $185 million in investments that support Smart Columbus’ electrification and decarbonization goals.

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Green Power Initiatives

In support of Smart Columbus’ decarbonization initiatives, the Columbus Division of Power prioritized several Green Power projects that are providing cleaner energy to DOP’s 14,000 customers and the whole city.

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Public EV Charging Best Practices

Process for Identifying Public Charging Locations

Trip Origin

Trip Destination

The best location for charging?

More charging needed?

What type of charging?

Prioritize Charging Locations

From 70 EV Charging Ports in 2017 to 900+ in 2020

Early in the initiative, the Smart Columbus team identified 225 locations where public access EV chargers would best serve the region’s mobility needs. The analysis was conducted across the seven-county region and includes sites for both Level 2 and DC Fast chargers.

Public Siting Case Study
EV Charging Case Studies
EV Charging Policy

EV Parking Ordinances to Support Neighborhoods and Businesses

We worked with vendors, developers and community members to change parking policy to ensure that both neighborhoods and businesses could benefit from EV chargers.

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