We are Smart Columbus and we are:

Growing a shared mobility culture.

Encouraging multiple modes of transportation can decrease congestion, reduce emissions, and create more mobility options for all, which benefits residents, employers and the community as a whole. It’s important that our business community be a major partner in encouraging its employees to broaden their choices when commuting to work.

I am confident that our employees will continue to explore and participate in the alternative transportation options we encourage, and that this will help inspire positive change throughout the community.
Jenn Beck, Campus Coordinator, CoverMyMeds
Shared Mobility Best Practices

The Micro-mobility Movement

Through a convergence of market trends and the efforts of Smart Columbus and our regional partners, 3,500+ shared bikes and electric scooters have landed in Columbus since 2018, growing and electrifying our mobility options.

Developing a Shared Mobility Device policy

Like many cities across the country, Columbus and surrounding municipalities were surprised by guerrilla marketing tactics of bike and scooter companies that dropped hundreds of devices in communities with little to no notice. Regulating the new devices was not as simple as passing one new law or expanding current ones.

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Columbus Police Department e-bikes

The Columbus Division of Police has one of the largest police bicycle patrol fleets in the country, with 180 bikes and more than 130 full-time, dedicated bike officers. Smart Columbus was able to fund the Bike Patrol’s pilot of six electric bikes as a way to help officers travel quicker with less physical effort while proving out applications for electric mobility.

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Case Study: Yay Bikes!

Creating safe and accessible bikeways is an important task for any smart city, as biking is a true equitable, affordable and green mode of transportation. Yay Bikes! works with public and private organizations to educate people bicycle commutes.

Biking education and advocacy
Incentives for Commuters

Ignite Behavior Change among Commuters

The Smart Columbus Ignite Action Fund is a tool for Acceleration Partner program participants to fund new incentives and/or projects that motivate respective company associates to drive electric and/or drive less. The long-term goal is to help employers pilot programs and benefits for employees that can last beyond the funding period.

How we incentivize mode shift
Tools for Encouraging Mode Shift

Free Bus Pass Program for Downtown Employees

A bold and innovative program in downtown Columbus has doubled the use of transit among eligible downtown employees and prevented more than 6.8 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Launched in June 2018, the Downtown C-pass program enables eligible companies to offer free, unlimited transit access to employees.

How C-pass impacts commuters

Making it Easier for People to Navigate the City

Pivot is a first-of-its-kind mobility app that makes it easier for central Ohioans to get around. Utilizing the Smart Columbus Operating System, the app integrates trip planning, booking, electronic ticketing and payment so residents can easily move from bus, to bike, to taxi, to ride share, to scooter and get where they need to go conveniently, affordably and safely.

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Smart Mobility Hubs

Six smart mobility hubs in Columbus will provide several transportation options in one place. The hubs are ‘smart’ thanks to an “IKE” kiosk created by Orange Barrel, which provides access to Wi-Fi, emergency calling, social services, maps and the Pivot app.

Project Details Here

Insight 2050 Corridor Study

As the city of Columbus is expected to grow by 1 million more residents by 2050, the Insight2050 Corridor Concepts study explores how more walkable, compact neighborhoods and high-capacity transit along five corridors can improve quality of life by positively impacting transportation, infrastructure, housing and the environment.

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Lessons Learned

Tactic to Reduce Single Driver Commutes

We know that time in traffic negatively affects health, safety and job satisfaction. For all these reasons, it is an opportune time for employers to proactively work on shifting behavior away from single driver commutes to work.

Reducing rush hour traffic
Businesses Encouraging Mobility Options
Lessons Learned

Empowering Mobility Ambassadors to Lead Change

As participants in the Acceleration Partner program, companies select an employee to serve as a Mobility Ambassador, who acts as a cross-functional project manager to lead internal campaigns focused on changing the commuter culture of their company. Fifty-one participating companies have designated a total of 61 Mobility Ambassadors to the program.

The mobility ambassador program